AmebaOwnd : English Guide

AmebaOwnd : English Guide

So this is a basic how-to guide if you choose to use AmebaOwnd for running your website/personal blog since the instructions are actually in Japanese and there's no English guide.

This will be updated over the coming weeks to include all aspects of operation. If you have any questions or need something else translated from Japanese feel free to message me.

AmebaOwnd is actually a really good platform to use depending on what you're looking for. AmebaOwnd actually offers users a stable, quick platform to run a website or blog without having to perform the usual upkeep or worry about optimization, plugin conflicts, or security, like you would when managing say a Wordpress blog.

You can update posts, pages and make other changes to your live website from the app, the hosting is free, and you can have your own custom domain as well.

That being said the trade off with that is that there are limitations of what changes you can make and exactly how much you can customize your website if you choose AmebaOwnd. I discuss those limitations and benefits on a separate post here.


How Do I change my website title, keywords and meta-description?    Website Title, Keywords and Meta-Descriptions can be easily edited in English by navigating to Site Settings> SEO Settings in the mobile app for iOS or Android.

How Do I change my website title, keywords and meta-description?How do I change my websites logo or favicon?How do I change the slug of my page_post?What is "noindex" and how do I add it to my AmebaOwnd?What restrictions are there using a second-level domain from Ameba in Google Search Console?How can I verify my website with a Google search console_analytics?What subdomains does AmebaOwnd offer that I can use?How many times can I change my AmebaOwnd Domain?Where are the AMP versions of my posts?


Where do I make changes to CSS?How can I change the theme of my website?How can I make changes to the menu?How to display your Twitter,Facebook and Instagram FeedsCan I use Facebook Personal page as a Facebook feed?How do I create a google map embed?How do I change the size of an image?How do I change the size of text?How do I change my websites logo?How do I create a button?How do I embed a YouTube or Vimeo video in my posts_page?How do I change the placement of widgets on posts?How do I change the date of my post?How do I add a copyright_custom text in the footer?How do I change the font of my AmebaOwnd Website?How do I change elements of the sidebar included in some themes?Where can I download the AmebaOwnd Logos and what are the guidelines for usage?

Google Analytics

How do I check my websites built in stats?How do I check the actual referrer?How do I change the duration view of stats?Can I use other analytic services besides Google?

iOS/Android App

Where can I download the app?What's are the limitations of the iOS App?How do I save a post as a draft?How do I publish a post?How do I schedule a post?How can I add custom HTML on my iPhone?

General Functions

How can I use a custom domain instead of the address?How can I add pre-selected hashtags to my Twitter shares?How do I setup Facebook Instant Articles?How can I add custom HTML in my posts_pages?How do I delete my website?It it possible to use SSL on my custom domain?How do I share my posts to social media?What social networks are supported?How do I add_delete a category on my website?How do I add_delete a tag on my website?How do I sign up_ Log in with social networks such as Yahoo, Twitter, Google, Facebook etc?How do I select a category for my website for viewers within AmebaOwnd?What categories can I choose from for users in AmebaOwnd?What is the maximum amount of sites I can create?What's the maximum amount of pages I can create?Can I import/export posts from Wordpress or other blogs to AmebaOwnd?


How do I add a user_users to manage my website?What roles and privileges can I set for users?How can I remove a user from my website?How do I change my user account photo?How do I view the Ameba users_websites I'm currently following?How do I view the websites that I've created and/or have access to?How I unfollow a previous followed AmebaOwnd user and their website?How do I report another website on AmebaOwnd?

Amebaownd Premium

What does adding a premium subscription get me?Where can I check my used photo storage?How can I remove the "Powered By AmebaOwnd" other branding in the footer/header on my site?How much does the premium plan cost?How can I purchase the premium plan?